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The Courage to be a Woman

On the day I was asked to create a poem entitled "The Courage to be a Woman" my response was an immediate and resounding YES! The Act of bringing words to paper was my God given gift. So when the person made the request stating they had a Title but no content there was no issue for me.

As I began to prepare the Poem, the words flowed like water from a rushing stream. Immediately I reflected on the various areas of life that Women have to contend with; Kids, Men and the effort to manifest their own dreams.

Little did I know that creating this poem would cause me to have to pull on the courage or lack thereof in my own life. The first courageous thing I had to do was to memorize the poem and be prepared to recite it for the thousands of people in the LIVE congreation. And if that was not nerve racking enough there was still the 40,000 people who view the service online.

On the morning of the event my mind was "Sphaghetti", a box of jumbled thoughts having no sense of recall. I wanted to cry! I wanted somebody to come pray that my brain matter would settle. WHEW!, and by the Grace of God it did.

Not only did I remember every line, I delivered like a Boss. The impact of the poem is still reaping responses even to this day. I had no idea the positive impact this poem would have.

Shortly after the event I traveled with my family far across town to a Restaurant I had never been to. As I stepped into the Restaurant a Woman approached me saying "Aren't you the woman who did the Poem this morning"? "Well, it spoke to my life".

After hearing responses like that on multiple occassions I decided to ride the wave of the "Courage " poem just to see where it takes me. My first thought was to delve deeper into The COURAGE to be a Woman and to open other aspects of areas that take courage.

This would now mean that a New Book is on the horizon. "The Courage book for Women" will explore other areas such as:

The courage to leave a Relationship

The Courage to Speak up

The Courage to Love again

The Courage to Forgive

The Courage to Ask

The Courage to Quit a Job

The Courage to Wait on God

The Courage to do things alone

If you are reading this then you have just read the first Chapter Titles in the coming Book.

Well, the Courage wave didn't stop there. You may now also get "COURAGE SWAG". This so far includes the courage Compact, The Courage Journal and a coming assortment of T-shirts with Courageous Sayings for Courageous Women. Visit the link here for more info: and click STORE.

So until we meet again, Be Blessed and Stay Courageous!

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